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We are pleased to announce the release of our very own Showcase world! The way this world will work will be by users, such as yourself submitting a build via our public forums to be added to the showcase world for the entire server to see! Do not worry, your builds will be safe and backed up. You will also be credited for your build.

To apply, please follow this forum link Click Here

Thank you, and welcome to The Divine!

Due to popular demand, we now have a Discord! You can join by putting this link in to your browser

The Management team will still use Teamspeak most of the time, but we feel like adding Discord in to the loop will help grow the community and allow us to communicate with everyone easier.

Thank you, and welcome to The Divine!

I am pleased to announce that The Divine MC is now a Public server for everyone to enjoy! We have launched with Survival and Creative! We have Minigames coming soon, but currently due to our limitation on power we cannot have them yet. If you run into any issues, please contact a Mod as soon as possible.

This is currently a Beta build! Please understand that we are still working on the server. Rules, Plug-ins, etc may change at anytime. In addition to that, the server may be prone to restarts. The server OPs will tend to restart the server when one or two people are on. This is only if there is not an opportunity to restart when no-one is online.

Thank you, and welcome to The Divine!

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