A look back on 2017...

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    2017 Roundup

    Another year has come and gone! We would not be here today if it was not for all the staff and community who have worked so hard on making this server what it is today. We have had some ups and downs, but our community stands strong and united as always.

    We are very excited to bring forth this new year as a team and community. We want to discuss what we have planned for the year ahead. But first, let's look back at what we have done this past year on The Divine!

    We introduced our Management Team & New builders

    We introduced a management team to better help our current staff and communities know who to go to get the help and support they require depending on their issue or enquiry.
    [​IMG] HarleyQuinnYo - (Build Team & Applications Lead)
    [​IMG] Magma49 - (Moderator Lead)
    [​IMG] Qmodo - (Promotional Lead)
    [​IMG] SoundBlastr - (Project Design Lead)
    [​IMG] danjono - (Development Lead)


    We also introduced 5 new Diviners into our team who have been exceptional at helping us out with everything relating from projects to map building!

    [​IMG] Kaitocatz
    [​IMG] Cybalt_SR
    [​IMG] Catray
    [​IMG] AdamSmiley1996
    [​IMG] Poltergeist824

    Now let's talk about some of the things that have happened for the Divine in the last year.

    April 2017
    We participated in BuildCon


    Here is a quick summary of BuildCon if you are not familiar with it:

    Buildcon is an annual event (not affiliated with Mojang) during which the entire Minecraft community is invited to mingle on a server. Set up by a truly dedicated team of hardened Minecraft developers, builders, creators and modders to discuss the creative side of Minecraft. Build battles, contests and masterclasses helping hone skills and become more inspired to express creativity within the game!

    Now that you have caught up on what BuildCon actually is, take a look at what our Build Team came up with from the picture above.

    August 2017
    Showcase was released


    Showcase consisted of many trials and tribulations. We had our very own Build Team run inspections over and over again to make sure Showcase was ready to rock 'n' roll! Every gate, bridge and tower were built to perfection. Can't say those floating trees were not surpassed once or twice. But, don't worry... They were ALL fixed... We can't forget about our Showcase team who approved, denied and ultimately oversaw builds to be placed in the final map.

    Take a look at our recent build that was added to Showcase!


    We still have builds in the queue to be pasted into Showcase in the coming months. Have you built something and want it on Showcase? Apply your build on our website!

    Reset of Survival world

    Players team up in an attempt to catch the elusive and Legendary Killertom63 fish (2017, colorized)

    We reset survival this year in mid-August! Who doesn't like a fresh clean start?! There is still more land to explore so get ready and armour up! We also introduced a much-loved addition to the server called EpicFishing, created and managed by our developer danjono. This plugin introduced new challenges to fishing meaning that players could catch different types of fish in different categories and weight brackets, with everyone fighting to catch the elusive and rare legendary fish. This quickly became very competitive within the community, with many people fighting to be the best angler on the server! A feature not currently included is for these fish to be sold for in-game currency. This is something that we are looking to introduce this year and will be further elaborated on in another forthcoming post. Now, we do have two honourable mentions.

    The only Legendary fish caught award goes to

    Highest fishing level and still no Legendary fish award goes to


    September 2017
    The Divine MC featured on minecraft.net

    If you haven't seen it already, click the link here to check out the article that was made for The Divine over on the official Minecraft website! This was definitely exciting for all of the community to read. Does anyone know how many blocks squared the Showcase stands at? If you said 1,316 blocks than you are CORRECT!

    October 2017
    Server moved to Germany
    Our community comes first when connecting to The Divine. Moving our server was a huge success in making everyone connect easier! So far, switching over to a Germany server has made our server run smoother! This change also allows us more flexibility in expanding our network and services in the future.

    We participated in CubedCon


    CubedCon consisted of a few builders and mods. Many ideas were brought up for this build. Builders decided to use a piece of a castle that was built in Showcase. Once finished, our build was placed in CubedCon's exhibit.

    November 2017
    Creative claims was released


    We introduced a new Creative claims world replacing the old creative world which had long been cluttered with random builds spawled across a vast landscape. This meant many new players were daunted where to build due to not know for certain if the area was already taken or not.

    With the new world, players can now have their own plots of land to build in and expand with continued play time.

    We released one sky wars map onto minigames server!


    The end of The Divines 2017

    2017 was definitely a challenge for all of us here on The Divine. As we now move forward into 2018, we are headstrong with changes coming our way. Are you ready to see what we have in store for The Divine? It's only a click away...
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    You just had to mention I havent caught a legendary yet

    Im looking at you @danjono
    It will happen one day
    And when it does
    It shall go down in history as the day I caught a legendary fish
    It will be
    Pardon the pun and reference
    Wait for it

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