When you join any service operated by The Divine, you agree to our Terms of Service and also by any of the rules set by the server's management team. Staff also reserve the right to kick, ban or mute you from any of our servers at their discretion.

If you have a question about anything, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the staff team who will be able to clear anything us, alternatively you can contact us.

General Rules

This list is not comprehensive but sets out the general rules of The Divine.

The Divine does not tolerate illegal activity or cybercrime.
All users are responsible for their own account security - if your "brother" uses your account, the ban still applies to you!
Do not advertise other servers or services without explicit permission.
Please report bugs, and do not exploit them.
Do not attempt to evade bans or any other form of punishment.
No disrepect or discrimination of any kind.
No swearing or use language which may be inappropriate.
Players with inappropriate names will be asked to change them.
Do not post offensive or explicit content of any kind.
Do not act as members of Staff or try to do their jobs for them.
No unauthorized modifications, you may use Optifine.
No Anti-AFK machines or other ways of preventing our systems from detecting you as AFK.
Large scale mob farms, grinders, etc. are not allowed. As long as they don't cause lag, they are.