Minecraft Server Rules

By joining The Divine MC server, forums, or Teamspeak/Discord you are accepting our terms of service and rules. All Staff have the right to ban at any given moment. You have the right to appeal 24 hours after your ban.

Terms of Service: Click Here
Appeal Form: Click Here

General Rules

No advertising
No swearing
Respect all players
Respect Moderator and Admins
No bug Exploiting
No hacked clients
No admin, mod, or build team impersonating
No redstone clocks
No AFK Pools


Follow all general rules
No griefing
Do not build too close to others
Do not record users builds without permission


Follow all general rules
Do not use mass amounts of TNT
Do not exploit Minecraft bugs
No flying mods/hacks
Do not use map mods
Don't steal mass amounts

Teamspeak/Discord Rules

Do not abuse other players.
No foul language.
No Racism.
Respect Others.
No impersonating staff.
No linking NSFW content in public chat.
If you find a Teamspeak/Discord bug, please let a Mod know.